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Payment and Withdrawal Options

Most trustworthy casinos companies provide a vast amount of online payment methods, if its main purpose is to draw customers from all over the globe. With most online casinos if you transfer from a certain payment method, you must make withdrawals from that same provider. For example if you are using Moneybookers for your transfer, you will place withdrawal through Moneybookers. Sometimes there’s an exception to this for some casinos. Some casinos accept payment and withdrawals from different service providers but with a strict verification process of player's information.

EuroCasinoBet Payment and Withdrawal Options

CARDS (Debit,Visa’s,Virtual Prepaid)

There is a variety of different cards that can be used for depositing & withdrawals of funds. From your local bank debit card to virtual prepaid cards.

Visa and Master cards are one of the most well known source of use for deposits. It is very convenient and fast,  with secured deposits of funds without the need of using a payment terminal.

visa credit card and debit card

Just enter the data from your credit card (your name, card number, validity and security code shown on the back side of the card)

EuroCasinoBet accepts VISA, Visa Electron, Maestro and MasterCard for your deposits!

The minimum deposits accepted is 20 Euro

The maximum deposit accepted is 500 Euro

The amount of daily deposits depends on what type of credit card the player is using, ranging between 664 – 1.660 Euro

You can place withdrawal request via VISA credit card in case you use the same card for deposits and withdrawals are processed within 7-14 days

For more information please visit

Skrill Moneybookers

One of the most favored electronic payment options for casinos.

skrill moneybookers

Account setup- very simple, topping up the account by your credit card or bank transfer is very easy and fast.

No credit card information needed.

The minimum deposit allowed is 20 Euro, and NO service fee.

You can choose MoneyBookers as withdrawal option only if you deposited via the same MoneyBookers account.

Processing takes usually up to 24 hours

SOLO Debit Card

Solo as a deposit method, you cannot spend more than you have because each time you make a deposit it is authorised and cannot exceed the monies in that account. There are also maximum deposit limits associated with Solo debit purchases.


Solo debit cards are also handy in that detailed account statements are available so you can track your expenses, and of course as a Switch product the security record is very strong as well.



Neteller is known all over the world. It’s an electronic payment system founded in 1999. This payment method allows its players to carry out transactions online all over the globe. Neteller accepts 18 currencies and operates in more than 180 countries worldwide.


Online players worldwide prefer Neteller when making transactions. It’s also very safe and easy to use, as it’s connected directly to your account within the payment system. Players get instant access to their funds at any time!

Setting up an account is very easy and safe.

Payouts for winners will only be sent into to the same account as used for deposit.

Processing time is usually up to 24 hours

Slovak customers cannot use this payment option.

Safety Information

Online casino payments have been made very quick and easy for players, but there are precautions players have to take into consideration. Players who wish to remain safe while doing online transactions have to follow some simple steps to protect themselves.

Passwords and usernames should only be known by you the player and only you. You should know what constitutes as a strong password, do not use your name or nick name or family name in creating passwords.

Be careful sometimes players can fall victim of cyber squatting.

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