Online casino’s Beginners Guide

Landofcasinos has created a Beginners Guide to online casino’s to provide the best advices for you to begin playing on online casinos.

Beginners Guide to online casino’s

Landofcasinos has created a list of our top ten tips for online casino beginners. We will provide you with the best insight and advice that you will need in the online casino industry. If you are a beginner and never have gambled online, then please take your time to read these tips.



  1. Try to choose the right gambling website

If you have decided to try online gambling, the most important decision is which gambling website are you going to sign up with. There is massive amount of online casinos to choose from, and it is not easy to know which one is best for you. Landofcasinos will provide you with some insight on which are the leading online casino websites in a number of different categories!

Here at Landofcasinos we research every online casino very carefully before we recommend to our players.  Our ratings reflect on a lot of different aspects of the casino website, but the safety and the casino reputation are of most importance.  We are here for our players and they can feel absolutely secured that every single one of our recommendations is a safe place to play and  a very reputable online casino website.

  1. Check deposit options

There are a number of different ways players can deposit in an online casino website, but be aware that not every casino website offers all these options.  So before you sign up with a casino website and you have a particular method of depositing then it is a very good idea to check if they offer your deposit method.   Please keep in mind also that some casino websites will charge fees for using certain deposit methods.

  1. Always try more than one website

Try not to limit yourself to only using one online casino website. There are some advantages to signing up with several casino sites. As a beginner try out a few different casino sites and see which one suit you best. You might decide to use different sites for different gambling activities.  For example you might use a casino website for slots & table games and a different online casino for live sports betting. Also keep in mind by joining multiple of different casino sites you will also benefit from multiple of different sign up bonuses!

  1. Try to take advantage of bonuses and rewards

As we have mentioned above, by you joining multiple of casino websites you can be entitled to claim all the sign up bonuses the casinos have to offer. 99% of casino sites offer newly registered customers a sign up bonus as a welcome gift, and these bonuses are a great way to increase some extra value to your bankroll.  Also there are many sites that also give generous bonuses plus rewards to existing loyal customers.

Please also keep in mind that most of these bonuses usually come with terms and conditions attached! For example most bonuses have a wager requirement which means a certain amount of money has to be wagered of you have to play a certain amount of games.  Always check these terms and conditions before accepting a bonus.

  1. Play different types of gambling

There are multiple of different types of gambling that you can play online. The most popular form of gambling is casino games and sports betting! There is bingo for example, or you can also bet on reality TV shows.  The most amazing thing is that there are many sites where you can play them all in one place.

  1. Get to know the rules

Always know that regardless of what kind of gambling you are playing, it is very important that you understand the rules and regulations of the casino site you are playing in. Always take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rules of the casino in order to avoid making any unnecessary mistakes!

  1. Improve your knowledge

As we stated earlier in our article how you don’t need to know very much about online casino gambling to get started, you will probably like it more if you learn a bit more about the online casino world. If you improve your knowledge about this industry you will almost certainly have a better chance of winning big!

  1. Try to withdrawal when you win

If you think you’re good enough and lucky enough to win money in an online casino site, then try to remember to withdrawal!!! Don’t be greedy and think I can double my money, because in the end you will end up with nothing.  In most casino websites it is really quick and easy to cash out your winnings!  You don’t really have to withdrawal all your winnings, but by taking some funds out you will find it easy to resist the temptations of giving it all back!

  1. Try to enjoy yourself

Online casino gambling is meant to be fun. Gambling is not for everyone, but millions of people around the world enjoy it. There isn’t anything wrong with taking casino gambling seriously and try to make a buck out of your gambling, but also try to remember to enjoy yourself.

  1. Always gamble responsibly

Yes enjoy online gambling, but it is essential that you try to gamble responsibly. You will most likely win money a lot of the times, but there will be instances where you will lose. For this reason only you should gamble with money that you can afford to lose.  Almost always set a budget and stick to it, and you should never try to chase your losses.

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