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Paysafe card lets you pay online fast and with no hassles, simple and safe as if using cash. Buy a paysafe card at over 500.000 sales outlets and stores.

PaySafeCard logoPaysafecard lets you pay online fast and with no hassles, simple and safe as if using cash. Buy a paysafecard at over 500.000 sales outlets and stores around the world and enjoy online payments in thousands of websites. The most amazing advantage is you don’t have to enter any personal information or bank account or credit card details. Your privacy remains completely anonymous all the time with paysafecard!

  • the first European prepaid card, which is designed for direct purchase via Internet
  • the card is available in most European countries, you can find the nearest store
  • this option is intended for safe and fast deposits, you have to choose another payment option for withdrawal
  • you do not need credit card nor bank account. You can pay online immediately by using PaySafeCard.
  • the payment is simple, fast and safe
  • for more information please visit

Now you have the option to withdrawal your winnings with Paysafecard payout option!!
It’s very easy and simple! All you have to do is follow these few simple steps and you have been paid!
(In order to use Paysafe withdrawal option you need to have a Paysafecard account)

Go to cashier and press withdrawal options
Select Paysafe withdrawal method
Confirm Paysafecard Email account and details
When finished press withdrawal

It’s that simple!!

Paysafecard how to use

Why use Paysafecard payment method?
It’s the fastest and the most effective method to deposit and get paid instantly!!
No credit cards or bank information needed for online deposits or withdrawals
Instant access to your funds
the card is available in most European countries, at a store near you
it is very safe and a fast way to deposit and withdrawal your funds

My paysafecardis your personal online payment account that helps keep an overview of your paysafecard PINs. Entering 16-digit PINs when paying is not necessary anymore. Instead you pay safely by simply entering a username and password.

You can also benefit from MY PLUS:
The My Plus paysafecard loyalty programme.
Sign up for you’re My paysafecard account today!!


Safety Information
Online payment has made financial transaction very interesting, quick and easy but there are precautions any player who wishes to remain safe while doing online transaction should take note of.

The passwords and usernames should be known by you and only you. You should know what constitutes a strong password bearing in mind not to use your name, nick name or family name in creating passwords.

You should bookmark the online payment options you want to use so you do not make mistake while typing the web address on the search engine address. Sometimes people fall victim of cyber squatting

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